17 March 2016

Basements get us all behind

I have not blogged in forever.

Why haven't I?

Missionary Homecomings.
Church callings.
Basketball games.
Job changes.
Grocery shopping.

 . . . I guess it is mostly just the usual.  I can sort of blame the basement, though, so I will.  Here are some current pictures of our progress.

LaRon came down and helped James get going on the tilework.  We painted the spaces where the tile will go.

Otherwise it is still a big mess.

I still have 1 bedroom to finalize sanding and mud on the walls.  We have plenty of painting to do and some people who have offered to help.  We just need to get to it.  We are waiting on the carpenter to come do some measurements and give us a supply list for our built in cabinet and window casings.  There is still a lot to do, but one of these days it will be done!

Willie is Home!

Oh my heck!!  My long lost brother came home!!

He diligently served in Lithuania - The Baltic States Mission - for 2 years and a week or so.  The last couple of months lasted a very long time.  We were so excited for him to come home.

At the airport, he was a little exhausted and I wasn't so sure he could speak English.  He's warmed up to us a little bit and is starting to find his personality again.  He seems taller, is very mature, and good-looking.  He eats more than we've ever seen him eat - more variety and more quantity.  He giggles at the little kids and is driving without taking as many wrong terms.

We are very proud of him for the good young man that he is and for the good example that he sets for us.  We are so glad to have him home!!

Indoor Soccer

I signed the kids up for indoor soccer at the Kearns Rec Center.  I am "coaching" Molly's team and helping out with Jack's team ("coaching" about half of the games when the other coach can't be there).  I don't understand soccer.  My kids aren't super into it.  Why do I do things like this?

I do things like this because 1) I like sports and I'd like my kids to like sports, 2) it is good to learn to follow directions, take turns, and play on a team, and 3) it is good to have new experiences and try different things that may be out of your comfort zone.

On Wednesday night's game I may have offered Molly $1 if she stopped holding on to me and actually kicked the ball.  She did.  She liked it.  She played with some actual enthusiasm for the 2nd half.  It was $1 well spent.

Meranda and Pedro Wedding

Meranda married Pedro Sanchez on February 20th.

They are probably sick of Napoleon Dynamite jokes, but they take them well.  They picked a beautiful and fairly warm February day.  The temple was beautiful and the tacos delicious.  The receptions was a pretty fun party with dancing and flaming donuts.  It was a great day!!