13 October 2014

Don't "Fall" (Get it?)

It's Fall.  Let's remember the first weeks of October in pictures.

Molly spent the entire day with Grandma and Grandpa Petersen.  I missed her, but she had fun!  She found mustaches.

It was General Conference Sunday morning.  We were getting ready to head north to visit the Binggeli's and Molly asked me to take her picture.  I did.  This was the picture.  I asked her what she wanted me to say about the picture and she said, "Hi Willie.  I brought you a picture.  And I made a funny face.  And we're going to grandma and grandpa Binggeli's.  And Molly and Jack and Haley and James and Molly just wanted to say hi and bye."

I stole this picture of giggling crazies from Ross.  I took a similar picture, but it didn't turn out as cute.  They were sitting on a fence at our cousin Rubie's wedding reception.  Ross was watching them.  They were mimicking each other.  It was funny.  I hope they stay friends!

The kids and I had a day off for parent teacher conferences.  We went to the zoo!  I don't know why my kids grit their teeth in pictures.

We grew pumpkins.  None were big, but there were many.  We gave one to each of the neighbor kids, but then some of the kids ruined them and kept asking for new ones.  That was annoying and we had to start being mean about the pumpkins.

Our cousin Rubie got married.  The ceremony was at the Peace Gardens at Jordan Park and the reception was in Dee and Liz's back yard.  It was interesting.

We keep taking pictures of Parker and sending them to Willie.  We are trying to freak Willie out that Parker has grown to be 7' tall since Willie left on his mission.  This picture is funny, but just might be a little over the top.

My Jack is handsome and ready for church.  There is just something extra special about this kid that makes everyone he comes in contact with smile.  We have been letting his hair grow.  This is the initial gel look, but after he rubs his head into the ground a few times like a puppy, it calms down and looks pretty swag.