19 September 2015

Baby Preslee Blessing

On Labor Day Sunday we headed north to participate in Preslee's baby blessing.  It was a good day and the kids had fun playing with all their cousins for a few hours.

Parker and T.H.E. Mission

Our good buddy cousin Parker left on his mission. He is headed to T.H.E. Mission . . . . Or for the rest of us it is called the Texas Houston East Mission and covers the gulf area of Texas and Louisiana. He gave an excellent talk at his farewell and is going to be a great missionary. We will miss him making us laugh for a couple of years, but we're proud of him for going on a mission.

Salsa and the Basement

Once again we had oodles of tomatoes in our garden. I made 3 batches of salsa and it is delicious!

Our basement is coming along . . . Very slowly.  The framers finished and then the electrician finished.  Now it is our turn.  We are working on insulation and have 2 giant stacks of sheet rock in our garage ready to go.