04 June 2016

End of School Year Kid Programs

Molly had 2 programs in 1 day.  She had her Kindergarten program at Liberty Elementary and then later on she and Jack had their Spartan Station program, too.
They did a great job and both of them love school.  Molly got an award for perfect attendance.  With it, she got a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card.  She was pretty excited!

The kids also got to hang out with mom for a little bit during the MHS annual Arts Fest.  We painted, got faces painted, bought food and bracelets, and did a few other things.  

I also decided to do a "Math Art Booth" this year just to try to give me a way to contribute to Arts Fest.  It wasn't super successful (as you can imagine), but we had a handful of kids do it.

Happy Birthday #4, Jack!

Happy Birthday Jack!  Holy cow you are 4 years old.

I can't believe it has been 4 years since you so abruptly interrupted my last week of school and decided to be born a week or so early.  Just like that day, you still know what you want and you get it done fast.  You are always running and hurrying things up.  You will probably be waiting for your sister your whole life and for the most part, you do it very patiently.

Jack, your most favorite thing to do in the whole world is just be outside.  You love to play with dirt, trucks, cars, balls, swings, sand, and anything that can keep you occupied outside. You love large pieces of machinery and hope to drive one someday when you marry your friend Camryn and have 100 kids and 100 cats.  You decided you wanted your training wheels off your bike, and figured out how to ride it in your first try.  You were tired of no one pushing you on the swing, so you figured out how to hop up and get your feet pumping yourself.

Jack, when you get too tired, you turn in to a mad beast that is sometimes not containable.  You fight and throw things and lose all your good reasoning skills.  You still like (and need) to take a nap and when you don't, we're in for it.  You hate going to sleep at night and fight then, too, even when you are so tired.  Mom or dad still has to lay down with you to get you to chill, but it's ok.  You won't want us to do that forever.

Jack you are a sweetheart.  You love to share with people and are very friendly.  You like to play with everyone and will be friends with anyone.  You try to solve problems for your sister and often will give in to fix the situation she may be throwing a fit about.  You still like to give mom hugs and will lay on my shoulder if I pick you up.  You are a jabber box and love to tell stories.

You are a big story teller, though, and for a little kid you try to lie your way out of everything, which isn't good, but lucky for me, you're a really bad liar and can't keep a straight face.

For your birthday, you were most excited to go shopping with Grandma Judy!  You've been asking about since Molly's birthday and could hardly contain yourself.

Jack, I love you very much and I'm so glad you are a part of our family.  I hope you always stay so funny and energetic and my good boy.