27 December 2014

Christmas 2014


Christmas is by far my most favorite holiday.  However, I think that I like December 1st-24th more than I even like December 25th.  I think the holiday is so much fun to prepare for.  I like trying to come up with gift ideas.  I like to keep a list and try to stay in my budget.  I like to be busy with family celebrations, programs, and other crazy things to do.  I like the world to be a happy place!

With that said, here is actually how we spent our Christmas!

We began on Christmas Eve at Grandpa Huber's house.  My mom did most of the food and it was great!  We had a little program enhanced with some David Aruchuleta and Church sponsored nativity videos.

Christmas morning was super EARLY this year (though for 2 very good reasons).
1.  James had to work and leaves around 6:15 a.m.
2.  We had to be at my mom's by 7:00 a.m. to hear from Elder Petersen.

James and I got up and all the way ready around 5:00 a.m.  We woke the kids up around 5:30.  They got to briefly play with their Santa Claus gifts and open a couple of gifts from mom and dad.  James left.  The kids got shoes and coats on and we headed in the pitch dark Christmas to my mom's house.  

Molly was a bit of a stinker on Monday night and again on Christmas Eve with some small gifts she received, vocally expressing her disapproval of the gifts.  We had a nice little chat about how to graciously accept gifts even if you don't particularly care for what's in them.  Santa Claus noticed the behavior and also left a note for her (and Jack).  I think it worked!

I had to take a picture on the way to my mom's house.  It was SOOOO dark!  We literally passed about 3 cars and I think we only saw 2-3 houses with lights on inside.   It was a very dark and cold way to start our Christmas.

Once inside my mom's well-lit, active, and warm house, we got to Skype with WILLIE!!  When we finally connected he waved both hands in the air and said, "Hellooooo!"  He looks great!  He's doing great!  He has a funny accent and drifted back and forth between English, Lithuanian, and some crazy Russian guy.  He finally got his "trainee" that he has been waiting on for quite a while (he was sent home from the MTC for a knee injury), so we got to meet him - Elder Turley - as well as Elder Norman and some crazy Lithuanian lady and her daughter who came in the room a few times.

We found out the call had to be that early in the morning because the missionaries had to be home by 6:00 p.m. due to the increased number of crazy drunk people out in the city on Christmas night.

We got to talk to him until almost 8:00 a.m. which meant it was about 5:00 p.m. his time.

It was just great!  He is so excited.  He is doing so well.  He is being a great missionary!

After the phone call, we got breakfast together (mostly my mom and Ross).  We had Waffle Love waffles and a few other fixin's.  Everything tasted delicious.  After breakfast, the kidlets got dressed and we opened gifts.  My mom got all of the kids (even Quinner and Jack) headphones.  At one point, I think they were all 5 plugged into a device and it got really quiet.

Next, we ventured back to Grandpa Huber's to get food stuff set up out there.  We were the first to arrive and only visited for a couple of hours and then hit the road.

The kids and I came home and all three of us had a nice winter's nap.  When we all woke up, we went and played outside in the snow, ate a plate of french fries for dinner, waited for our dad to come home, Skyped with Grandma and Grandpa Binggeli, and then visited with my mom and dad one more time when they came to our house to give James his gifts.  We opened the last of our gifts leftover from that morning and just enjoyed a nice, snowy night.

Merry Christmas to all!

23 December 2014

Another Christmassy Weekend

'Twas the weekend before Christmas and parties did abound.  We ate with our plates then tummies full, to each we became more round . . . .

Saturday . . . 

We had the annual Huber Family Christmas Progressive Party, though this year did not include any progressiveness.  My aunt Cindy hosted it and many people brought food.  The food was delicious and Cindy was an excellent host.  Huber family parties don't seem to be the energy, synergy, excitement, and glee of those from my youth.  There are a variety of factors, but mainly I would say it is due to the difficulty of getting 62 people (all but 7 were there if I counted right) together with the same priorities, values, and interests.  That is probably an impossible task and gets more impossible as people get older (including the young ones) and more set in their own ideas.  

I forgot to take any pictures at the party.

I finally got some presents wrapped!  Phew.

Sunday . . . 

On Sunday morning, I was getting ready for church.  Molly hadn't had a bath yet (and fell asleep and stayed in her clothes after Saturday's party) when she suddenly showed up at the bathroom door saying, "What's your order ma'am?"  She had put her jacket, a hat, and her shoes on.  She'd grabbed a notepad and a pencil and wanted me to order food.  I just happened to have my phone in the bathroom because I was listening to Christmas music while getting ready, so I was able to get a picture.  This daughter of mine is totally coo-coo.  She brought my [pretend] food back a couple of minutes later.  She was pushing the plateful in her baby's stroller and as she handed it to me said, "Mom, here's some grapes, but we're pretending they are fries because I can't find any fries."

We went to church, of course, and then we came home.  After a short time we headed north to the Petersen Family Christmas Party.  This tradition is hosted on a rotating schedule and this year it was at my Aunt LeeAnn's house in Roy.  For one year only, LeeAnn, as executive over Petersen Christmas traditions, decided that we would not be having the traditional Petersen Christmas Morning Breakfast this year.  In lieu of that, the family party menu was scones, ham, scrambled eggs, and of course, honey butter.  The food was delicious and I ate my weight in scones.  We still draw names in this family and after cleaning up breakfast/dinner we distributed gifts and opened them one at a time from youngest to oldest, per tradition.   It was a lot of fun!  

I only took 2 pictures at this party.

22 December 2014

Jack 2.5 year checkup

I am slow on blogging, but during the 1st week of December, Jack had his 2.5 year old checkup with Dr. Havlik.  It went fine.  He passed all of the developmental questions with flying colors.  

Weight - 31 pounds 2 ounces (79th percentile)
Height - 37 inches (67th percentile)
BMI - 16 (42nd percentile)

Side Note: I am an average sized person in a family of big people, thus I often feel short.  James is an average sized person in a family of smaller people, thus often feeling very tall, but giving my kids super short genes.  I like tall and I hope my kids are at least my height (though I doubt they will be super tall).  Both of them started out as big, off-the-chart babies, but have become much more averaged-sized children.  I just want them both to be on the taller side of life.  Using the prediction that you double boys heights at age 2, Jack should be about 6'.  That's good.  Using the prediction that you double a girls height at 18 months, Molly will only be about 5'5".  Sigh. Maybe she'll stretch a big more than that.  It's ok. She'll survive even if she's short.

Back to Jack . . . 

The developmental milestones included things like kicking a ball, throwing overhand, using a certain number of words, putting on or taking off parts of clothing independently, walking up stairs without assistance, etc.

Doctor Havlik is, of course, very thorough (which is why we like him).  He said Jack looks perfect and was impressed with his verbal skills, but mentioned that he thought one of his eyelids didn't open all the way when he was getting him to follow a flashlight with his eyes.  I didn't really think much of this, but mentioned it to James and he thinks he has the same condition and so does his dad.  Weird.  

Otherwsie, Dr. Havlik did ask if Jack had any interest in using the bathroom and I said that we had tried it before and it didn't go so well.  He said that he finds the best strategy for boys is to say, "he won't be toilet trained until he's 5" and then be very pleasantly surprised when he does actually figure it out before then.

Jack was super cooperative.  Dr. Havlik is a good doctor.  

21 December 2014

Christmassy weekend

'Twas 2 weekends before Christmas and parties were planned, come one come all they say, no one will be banned . . .

On Saturday the 13th, the kids and I loaded up the car to head north to Plain City where we attended the Binggeli Family Christmas Party.  James' Aunt Joyce was actually the party planner, but it was hosted by Aunt Suzanne in her large garage.  Suzanne has a small farm in Plain City with some horses and a dog.  The party was Mexican Fiesta Christmas themed and even included a tractor strung pinata for the kids to beat down.

Jack enjoyed the Doritos.

The only LaRon Binggeli's who were able to come are mostly in this picture - Mary, LaRon, Jason (and roommate Glen), Haley, Molly, and Jack.  

The kids love Uncle Jason and he is a great distraction for them.  Sometimes at family gatherings I feel like I should be paying him babysitting fees.

Molly and Jack played with a nativity set between many other party games.  You can see "pin the beard on Santa" taped to the door and I think, "balance the ornaments on the wrapping paper tubes" was going on to the  right of the photo.

We loaded back into the car.  The kids both fell asleep and I stressfully listened to Utah play Kansas on the radio.  They were down by 21 after halftime and came back to lead, then tie, they lose by a few at the end.  It was a crazy, but totally good effort ball game.

We were only home for a couple of hours before we went to the next party - the Ward Christmas Party.  I don't know that we would have gone (especially without James), but we did because I was asked to play the piano for the primary's short musical number.  Molly sang her guts out and Jack got to sit on the piano bench with me.  I made him promise before that he cwould not play on the piano while I was.  He said he'd be good, but of course, it was too tempting and at one (only one) point in the song, he reached his little ET finger up and played a wrong note.  I told him no, but he just giggled at me.

This boy is Jaylen.  He is in our primary class and is a little bit of a stinker.  We always seem to be mad at him or we are bribing him with candy to be good.  He must not dislike us that much because he made a special trip over to say hi to us at the ward party.

Jack took this picture of Molly.

Molly took this picture of me.

Jack found his twin at the ward party.  This boy is Easton and they usually get a pretty good game of catch going in the nursery on Sundays.

On Sunday morning we headed in town to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Program with special guest Santino Fontana (Prince Hans) and the Sesame Street Muppets (Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Elmo, etc.)  The Church dropped the age limit in order to allow kids to come see the program.  We thought Molly would like it, but she got bored and was a bit of a stinker.  In her defense, the program was pretty long and we were high up in the balcony where she really didn't understand what we were doing other than just watching a program on TV.  Oh well.  Maybe we will go again sometime.  

We just happened to luck out and get tickets this year.  We had 4 and hadn't put much thought into what to do with the 4th ticket until we found at that my sister's in-laws had given her 4 that they weren't going to use.  My sister was also only going to use 3 of hers, so my dad went and sat with her and my mom went and sat with us.  It was good.