27 July 2016

Pioneers Part III

James had the opportunity to speak in church on Sunday, Pioneer Day.  His topic was only slightly pioneer in nature, but he mentioned some pioneer ancestry of his own.  Being the nerd that I am, I had to do some research beyond what he had done.  These pioneer relatives are on the Whittle line of Mary Binggeli's family. Whittle was her mother's maiden name.

The names are James Hendricks and Drusilla Hendricks.  Basically, they are the whole package of pioneer ancestry.  Here are a few facts from what I've read.  I'll do some more research later.

  • They were born in Kentucky and Drusilla was an avid reader of the Bible from a young age.  They joined the Mormon Church during much time of persecution and unrest in the Midwest.
  • James was a member of the Mormon Militia and was often called out to fight against approaching mobs.  One night he was called to do such and ended up getting shot in the back, paralyzing him from the neck down.  Eventually he regained some of the use of his arms and was able to stand, but he never fully recovered.  Fortunately, this tragic event happened days before Haun's Mill and had he not been incapacitated, James would have likely been killed there.
  • There son William Hendricks joined the Mormon Battalion and headed off leaving his mother without her teenage son.  She did have an older daughter to help her, but otherwise had younger children and a disabled husband.
  • Drusilla and her 5th child nearly died during childbirth.  They were given a blessing by Joseph Smith and then named the child Joseph Smith Hendricks.  This is the son who James Binggeli is descended from. 
  • They acquired a wagon in 1847, put their few belongings in it and made a place for their dad to sit.  They reached the Salt Lake Valley in October, just days before William returned from his Mormon Battalion March.  
  • Despite his disabilities, James was called to be a bishop in the Salt Lake Area.  Eventually the family moved to help settle Cache Valley.
  • Drusilla kept a fairly well-written journal.  It's contents are preserved to read about her family's life.

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