09 January 2015

Toilette New Year

Happy New Year!

What's the first news of the new year????

Jack . . . does his business in the toilet!  Yes!

I decided he could do it and it was worth another attempt.  We began the Monday after Christmas.  I read a book from a friend in my ward about the 3-day method.  It was pretty much what I had tried with him before, but instead of a timer every 15 minutes or so, you just try to give them extra things to drink and watch them like a hawk.  Every time he started to squirm, we ran to the bathroom.  We had a few accidents over the course of the 3 days, but he seemed to be getting it!  On  day 3 he got to go play outside finally.  On day 4 we actually left the house and went to my mom's for a couple of hours and he did great there.  On day 5, we tested the waters with public toilets by first going to meet Miss Bethany for lunch at Chick-fil-A and then going to a Utes game.  He did have one accident that day, but I blame myself for letting my guard down.  At the ballgame, I felt like we went about 800 times and tried out every ladies bathroom in the Huntsman Center, but it worked and he kept doing great.

Saturday?  Check.
Sunday and church?  Check

Monday?  I was a little worried.  We were heading back to school.  This kid is a pooper and goes at least twice a day or more and has his entire life.  He was off his game during the first week of toilet training and got a little backed up.  To get him to go in the toilet took much patience, much time, a Kindle, and some Netflix.  What was he going to at school, though?  I was a little worried.  I had nothing to worry about, though.  He was accident free and on Tuesday, Miss Sarah gave him an ultimatum that he couldn't go out and play until he went #2 and he did it!

He only had one "accident" all week at school and it wasn't an accident, but rather a "missed and peed all over my pants" thing.  I think that is pretty great for his first week at school!

I'm so proud of him!  He is such a good boy!