06 April 2016

Spring Break!

It was Spring Break last week and this is what we did!

Friday & Saturday

It was the end of the term and our last day of school.  Morriah was getting baptized in Idaho Falls on Saturday so we decided to make a mini vacation out of it and went for the night.  We left our house Friday afternoon and after a couple of quick stops were on our way.  The kids were really good in the car.  Our whole goal was to get to the hotel and let them chill and swim there.  We ate at the Burger King drive-up in Malad to help accomplish that mission and otherwise didn't have to stop the whole time.

The kids swam and were both pretty brave.  They stayed up late watching movies in the hotel room and we had a great time.  Saturday morning was a little rough with a super slow breakfast at the hotel and then Molly being challenging, but we made it to the baptism and then visited with the Binggelis for a while before heading back home.

Despite some stinky setbacks, mostly with Jack stepping in a mysterious liquid-filled bucket in the backyard, it was a good little trip.



Easter!  New clothes.  Peeps.  Dinner at my mom's.

I also had the kids make a list of everything they wanted to do during Spring Break.  We ended up accomplishing most of what they wanted to do.




It snowed.  We had already decided to go on an adventure to the Zoo with the Howdens since it was our only day off in common.  The snow made a question a bit whether we really wanted to go or not, but in the end, we decided to take on the adventure.  The Zoo was fun.  The kids were mostly good (Jack melted a bit at the end, but then revitalized at lunch).  We went to Litza's afterwards and Grandma met us there for lunch.  Delicious!



There was still snow on the ground at our house, but the next thing the kids wanted to do from their list was go to the new Lodestone Park by our house.  We bundled up and put snow pants on and ended up having the entire park to ourselves!  Aside from the wind and the wet and the cold, we had a lot of fun.  We definitely need to go back!

After the park, we dried off and unlayered, then headed to the library for some new books and movies.



 Tuesday afternoon I got miserably ill.  I don't know what happened, but I ended up selling the Buick from both ends.  Molly tried to take care of me for a while, but I ended up texting my mom who was able to come home from work early and took my kids.  That was a huge relief.  I moved from the couch to my bed and pretty much tried not to die for the next 6-8 hours until whatever came over me finally left.  It was bad.


I don't really remember what we did.  I think I was still weak and brain dead from the day before, but was doing better.  Willie ended up coming over in the afternoon and watched Inside Out.  I ironed a bunch of shirts.


This was errand-running day.  I loaded the kiddos in the car with their DVD players still installed from our mini vacation.  They watched movies and we hit Lowes, Home Depot, Contempo Tile, Sherwin Williams, Target, back to Sherwin Williams, and my mom's office for a quick Hello.  The kids were really good in the car and we were pretty productive on the returns and purchases end of things.


The trusty dusty Trooper died and we had to pick up my brother from dropping it off (and finding out it truly was dead) at Bob's Advanced Automotive.  We hung out at my mom's house with Willie for a little bit.  Jack biffed it on the treadmill at "Super Speed" and tore up his upper lip pretty good.  We decided to go bowling for our last vacation day and we took Willie with us.  We used the lane bumpers.  We ate french fries.  It was a good time.

Friday night Amber and Joesy (and later Colton) came to hang out with us.  They were nice enough to let us borrow Colton's truck for basement door pickup on Saturday.  The kids (my kids) were super wild, but had fun playing with Joesy.  It was a fun evening.

That's it.  9 more weeks until summer vacation!!