06 March 2014

Super heroes don't feel well

This week at school the kids are learning about fairy tales, fables, and nursery rhymes. Today was a dress up day and the kids were supposed to be super heroes, princesses, or anything else they wanted to be.  Molly was "Belle with a Dentist Cape" and Jack was Superman.

I got a call from Miss Sarah after school got out to say that Molly had woken up from her nap and couldn't open her eyes. They were goobery and pink.  Great!  

I called and got her an appointment with the doctor and on the way she kept saying her ear hurt, too.  Great!

As it turns out, she has an ear infection and infected eyes.  The doctor didn't say conclusively that it was pink eye, but just that it was an infection in both her eyes and ears.

She perked up quite a bit in the evening and with plenty of antibiotics and other drugs in her, she seemed fine and would be ok to go to school the next day. Unfortunately, Jack woke up in the middle of the night with the same goobery eyes.  Great!  (not to mention that he was at Kids Care on Sunday night with an ear infection, also).

On top of that, I have felt super crappy for about a week or more and haven't been able to kick the crud I've had.  So today we took a sick day.  Both kids seem to be doing better as long as I keep the drugs pumped in them.  They are both (all three of us, actually) super grouchy so it has been a long morning.  

We needed to get out of the house after lunch and both munchkins fell asleep so now I am just trying to stay awake and get some work done.  Let's hope everyone feels a little better tomorrow.