30 November 2013

Observations on surfers

It is Satruday morning and we are at the beach.  My brother and sister went for a walk on the beach and left me to guard the chairs and ukulele. I had a little nap. I meant to grade some papers but don't want to. It's Ok.

I spotted them (the siblings) and thought they may have decided to walk to San Diego.  They are way far down there.  I thought I would make some observations on surfing and surfers in the meantime.

  • They are a men. I have seen only 1 woman.
  • They are all ages and even some old, like 70+.
  • There are lots of them. I counted at least 30-40 on each side of the pier at several different times.
  • They are all white, thin, and have good posture, though some are more attractive than others. 
  • They sit out there on their boards for a long time just waiting. 
  • They are excellent at changing clothes in the parking lot by concealing with a large Beach towel wrapped around their waists.
  • They mostly travel in one's but occasionally meet up in two's.
  • Hair is not a consideration. 
  • All wetsuits are black. 
  • The Ocean was more calm this morning than now. 
  • A good wave can usually have two people at a time riding, one on each end as it breaks. Occasionally you will see 3 start on a wave but a maximum of 2 ever make it. 
  • Some guys like to stretch first before hitting the water. 
  • Many literally run to the water just like you would see in an old Beach movie. 
  • They don't surf at night, but do get there extremely early in the morning at the first signs of light but before the sun actually rises.


The benefit of having a smart phone is that I can now blog while en route.

After my brother got his mission call my sister got this hair brained idea that we needed to go on a sibling adventure before he goes.  Eventually I agreed. Though I am feeling pretty guilty about leaving my husband and especially my chilluns, it is a good idea and we are having fun!

Other people do this sometimes, right? They leave their children for a short vacation?  Here is the note I left for them.

Anyway. . . We left at 6 this morning. We made it to St. George pretty quickly for a stop at a place called "The Swig" for a drink and cookies. Next was a stop in Lost Wages at Raising Canes for chicken fingers. They were good, too.

We let Willie drive from Las Vegas to Barstow.  He learned about cruise control and Annie screamed a few times but it wasn't too bad.

We checked into our room at the Shorebreak Hotel.

We went to see the second Hunger Games movie. Annie and Willie are huge fans of the books. I have not read the books but did see the first movie. This one was equally intense and equally killingsome.

Found a place back in Huntington Beach called Burgerbomb for a late night snack, then walked on the beach in the dark before returning for the night.