11 December 2013

Jack - 18 months

Jack, Molly, and I went to Jack's 18-month appointment with Dr. Havlik on Friday afternoon.  Here are his stats:

Age: 18 months
Weight: 26.3 lbs (57%)
Height: 34.5 inches (96%)
Head: 48.5 cm (71%)

Overall measurements indicate that in the last 18 months Jack has gotten taller and thinner from his earlier measurements. He eats a lot and is still gaining weight, but I think he just moves around so much that the extra height isn't equating itself in weight.  He's healthy though!

He is constantly stuffy, but his lungs are good.  His heart, ears . . . everything else is good, too.  Oh, Dr. Havlik did say there was a canker in his mouth.  I don't know how long it has been there, but could explain why his fingers are always in his mouth.

As far as developmental things, he's right on target.  I worry that he doesn't talk as well as Molly did at that age, but the requirement is 5 words and I think Jack can do that.  He can say . . . Mama, Dad, Moll-me, hot, owie, uh-oh, up, bus, tanks (thanks), there, hi, bye . . . I think that's about it.  He also consistently does the signs for "more" and "please" and "all done" as well as doing an excellent job at pointing and grunting.

Other things worth noting . . .

Can he run?  Yes.
Can he walk backwards? Yes.
Can he walk up or down stairs holding your hand? Yes.
Can he grab something with a pincer grasp?  Yes.
Can he pass something from one hand to the other?  Yes.
Can he point to something he wants? Yes.
Is he autistic? No (according to a survey we took).

Jack is super active.  What he lacks in verbal skills, he makes up for in physical abilities.  In this way he is quite opposite his sister (at least at the same age).  He is super friendly.  He likes to say "
hi" and "bye" to everyone.  He is an excellent dancer.  He is superb at all things animal sounds.  He gets way excited when he sees a bus or big truck driving down the road.  He inherently knows the sound of all moving things - busses, planes, helicopters, etc.  He gives good hugs and kisses.  He blows kisses at girls.

He still has cute dimples.  He loves French fries.  He still drinks a bottle at night (which he probably shouldn't) because it's the only way I get to hold him for a minute while he is actually sitting still.  he has decent rhythm and pretty good throwing skills.  He is starting to sit still and look at books a little bit more, but he doesn't like to sit on your lap and have a book read to him.

That's enough for now.  I love you, Jack!



James was supposed to work on Thanksgiving. He ended up not having to, but since we didn't know that, we just planned to stay close to home for the day. That meant we got to go to my grandpa's house! I don't remember the last time we went to thanksgiving there. It was great.
My mom's entire family was in attendance except for a few - uncle Eddie and his family, my cousin Melinda's husband who had to work, Meranda on a mission, and cousin Eddie who moved to Hawaii.  There were around 50 people squished into the hallways, living room, kitchen, etc. at my grandpa's house. It was super tight quarters but was great!
Kids listening to Annie give craft directions after dinner.
Kids running around outside. 
Uncle Evan (on his birthday) at the buffet before anyone started eating.
Everyone waiting in line to eat.

Table settings before the festivities.