23 November 2014


Wow! November has nearly passed and I haven't updated this blog at all. Here are some pictures of what has been going on in Binggeli land.

One Saturday,  the kids and I went to McDonalds!

Molly has been taking karate lessons through community education at Taylorsville High School. The main teacher has had a different helper each week.  The week during this picture below, the helper was this lady with a German accent.  Molly really liked her and she participated the entire time and did a great job!  In true Molly fashion, unfortunately, she isn't 100% cooperative every week.   I just don't know what to do with this girl and all her dramatics (maybe next I need to find her a theater class).  My purpose in karate is to just expose her to different things and see what she likes.  I don't want to overschedule my kids, but I think new experiences are important!  We have 2 more classes of karate and then I'll see what's coming next!

Because Molly was so good during the picture above, we went for ice cream afterwards!  
Jack's choice - chocolate with M&M's.  
Molly's choice - caramel with gummy bears.  

On my Dad's birthday I got to go with him to the Utah football game.  It was late, cold, and the Utes lost to Oregon, but otherwise it was fun.  I haven't been to a football game since before Molly was born.  It's just too long, too cold, and too crowded to try to take the kids (if there were even tickets available).  I had fun with my dad and thanks to my mom for tending my kids!

We had a Petersen family outing to Disney On Ice.  Molly loved it and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Jack got pretty antsy and spent some time on the concourse.

The picture above show the remains of a black eye Jack got from crashing into a table at school.  The kids also went on a field trip to Discovery Gateway the same week and he fell out of the helicopter, splitting his lip open.  It's still a little tender.  I hope this kids survives all his bumps and bruises.

We had our first light snow of the year.  The kids were excited to go play in it!

Molly and I went to Murray High's performance of "The Sound of Music."  It was pretty well done and Molly enjoyed most of it.  The only drawback was that it was REALLY long.  Molly fell asleep on my lap during the second half and went she woke up was near a melt-down so we snuck out before it was over.  

Molly, of course, fell back asleep on the way home from the musical.  I found the other two members of our family like this when we got home.  I guess Jack doesn't mind his head being used as an arm rest.

This was the second snow of the season. We left to go to the grocery store and found that there was only snow in our neighborhood and rain everywhere else.  I think we live in the frozen tundra with our own climate.  

That's all for November (at least until Thanksgiving this week!). 
We are excited for the holidays!