14 May 2014

Happy Birthday Molly!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to Molly . . . .  your 4 years old!
Happy Birthday to You!

I can't believe my daughter is 4 years old!  Molly you are super smart and very observant.  You can be an angel and a crazy drama queen.  You never stop talking and asking questions.  You can recognize all your letters and numbers and are beginning to pick up little site words.  You love to draw pictures, cut paper into small pieces, serve people delicious snacks from your kitchen, and help mom in the real kitchen.  You love to lay on the couch and watch movies, read books, read books to your brother, and you love to play with your brother (even though you also love to kill each other).  You are highly opinionated and sometimes the craziest things will set you off into a screaming fury.  You have lungs like no other and my ears are often sore.  You have a crazy imagination and are often found making up crazy stories and pretending to do all sorts of fun and exciting things.  When I can't find you, your favorite hiding places are in your closet and  on the far side of mom and dad's bed.  

You love school, but are not real excited to go to dance.  You are really good in Sunbeam class, but insist on sitting with mom and dad's class during sharing time.  You can climb the highest slide at a park if no one is watching, but can't velcro your own shoe if mom is around.  You are a pro at riding your tricycle and can make it all the way around the block without complaining.  

You love ice cream, noodles of any kind, yogurt and cheese.  You prefer a cheeseburger to chicken nuggets though your favorite fast food joint is Chick-Fil-A.  You love all kinds of "dip" and we sometimes have to stop you from totally grossing us out.

We love you very much and we don't know what we'd do without you.  Thank you for being my #1 daughter.  Happy Birthday!