13 July 2015

Summer Fun and 4th of July

Swimming at Great Grandpa's - most Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons

Met some Spartan Station friends at a splash pad

Went to a neighborhood block party to watch some pre-4th fireworks.

Celebrated the 4th of July by going to a movie with the Petersen Family in the morning.  The kids and I went to the grocery store and then home for most of the day. Later that night we went swimming at Grandpa's, ate hamburgers, then went to my mom's house for a few fireworks.  

Molly fell asleep on the way home and Jack and I sat out on our porch to watch some more fireworks.  I don't think I recall a 4th of July with so many fireworks in the sky.  It was insane!

12 July 2015

My son is nuts!

I wish I could make a video or write down all the crazy things my cute little boys says, but I can't remember them all.  I have captured a couple lately.

One night he insisted I say his prayers instead of him. Then he got mad at me because I forgot to bless Hanrahan Lincoln. When I asked him why we needed to bless Hanrahan Lincoln, he said, "because he died!" (I didn't bother to ask who Hanrahan is.)

The strange pronunciation of Honest Abe has actually come up several times lately (in prayers and elsewhere).  I'm not sure why he talks so much about him, but he does . . . and usually in the context of "he died."

Last night, he woke up with second wind around midnight and I could not get him to go back to sleep.  He just kept rambling on and on about tractors and trucks and who knows what else.  

Midnight ramblings from 3 year olds . . .
Jack: How does the dirt get into the dump truck? It can't do it by itself. Oh! The crane truck or the excavator must put the dirt in there.
Dad: jack, are you going to drive those when you get big?
Jack: yes. And I will drive the boat trains.
Jack: when I grow up and get old can I drive a truck, and a car, and a motorcycle?
Mom: yes, but wear a helmet when you drive a motorcycle.
Jack: I will wear a bike helmet. I will also drive an excavator and a tractor and a backhoe. Molly can drive the bulldozer. Mom, don't forget to bring your phone. And molly CAN'T come.
Mom: ok.
Jack: . . . . . .

Molly 5 year Check Up

This is my daughter. Her name is Molly.  She was curled up in a ball like this because she didn't want to get any shots.  It was her 5 year check-up and she needed kindergarten shots.  She really only ended up with needing 1 shot (though they may have goofed and given her 2) and when it was done she realized it wasn't that bad, she didn't even cry, and she was pretty proud of the little circle band aids over her war wounds.  

I just don't understand this girl and what freaks her out and what doesn't freak her out sometimes.  Sigh.  Dr. Havlik is excellent, however, and seeing Molly in a ball on my lap decided to have the aide do the shots first, and then continue with the rest of the check-up.  She went from frozen ball of nervous ice to goofy, smiling 5 year old in a matter of seconds and the rest of the appointment went smoothly.

Here are her 5 year old stats:

Name: Molly
Age: 5
Weight: 41 pounds (58th percentile)
Height: 44.25 inches (78th percentile)
Heart Rate: 83 bpm
Blood Pressure: 100/50
Eyes: 20/30 in both.
Body Mass Index: 41st percentile (and continually decreasing -  I guess she needs to eat more)

She is doing well and everything is great!  We talked about bike safety and went to buy a new bike helmet after the appointment (she still doesn't like it, but we'll work on it).  We talked about her anxiety issues and that I am a little worried about her going to kindergarten in a pleasant manner.  Doctor Havlik suggested seeing a Child Psychologist at least once just to talk to Molly about coping skills for her anxiety and also to talk to me about some strategies.  Apparently I have expressed concern about her inability to cope with things in previous appointments because he had several notes on it.  The doctor he recommended is hard to get into and we may actually start kindergarten before getting an appointment, but I agreed to at least be referred for the appointment and we'll see how things play out.  In the meantime, he suggested going to her new school often and walking around it and playing on the playground to get her more comfortable in going there.  We've been to the school twice, but we haven't done that.  It sounds like a good idea.

Afterwards, we went to McDonalds for pancakes and hashbrowns.  It's pretty much the rule for all doctor visits!