07 August 2015

Oh what have we done in the summertime (part 2)?

We met some friends at the Zoo one day. James even went with us.  We were there longer than we normally are at the Zoo and kind of lost our friends, but we still had a good time.  We even watched the bird show. 

Molly and Emily pretended to be dinosaur food.

James put on his best Gomer Pyle face to test out the weight limit on the wagon while the kids rode the carousel.  

We tried out Aunt Cindy's new swimming pool.  The kids had fun!

We went to this crazy jumping bounce house place.  The kids had fun.  Jack did get stuck in one contraption and I had to climb up and pull him out.  I don't think we would go here often (I felt like it was a bit of a germ factory), but it was worth the one-time groupon and we could go back next summer. 

One afternoon our Idaho cousins surprised us with a visit, so we went downtown and had a little excursion around Temple Square.  We wandered through both visitor centers, the Assembly Hall, and the Tabernacle.  When we'd had enough, we went to the City Creek Food Court for dinner.  It was a fun evening.  We're excited to have Preslee added to this group of cousins and we're also excited to have Joesy move closer to home.  Hopefully we can get a picture in the near future of all 8 Binggeli grandkids.