14 February 2014

Valentines Day

Single or attached, I am not a super fan of Valentines Day. I do have three pretty cute valentines at my house, though, and tonight we had a fun family holiday adventure.

We drove in town to the Rio Grande Cafe. We haven't been there forever and it was delicious as usual. The kids were very well behaved and ate their dinner.

Next, we walked over to the trax train and rode it to city Creek. We visited the Disney store, crossed the bridge, looked atthe fountains, said hello to cousin Travis at Deseret book (and used the Deseret book bathrooms) then headed back to the train.   

Molly said she wanted to see the planets so we decided to also walk through the planetarium.  We had fun playing with everything there.

As we finally walked back to the car the kids started to melt down but then one out of two fell asleep on the way home.

Some days are challenging. My work is challenging. James' work is overwhelmingly time consuming and last night he was covering for someone on call and ended up in Ogden until about 2 in the morning. Jack never wants to hold still and Molly is often a ticking time bomb of emotions. Days like today are blessings and very much appreciated. We still came home to a messy house and have a lot to do this weekend, but I have a good family.