26 October 2013

Sometimes the veil is thin

We went to visit my grandpa today.  We were talking about family history stuff.  We've talked about it during our last several visits because he's been preparing his Sunday school lesson on family history (he's been preparing it forever, like he does) and finally gets to give the lesson tomorrow.

After our discussion today, Grandpa was asking James about whether or not he has lymph-edema and what might be wrong with his sore legs, so Jack and I started wandering around the house.  We were looking at some photographs in the dining room and this one seemed to look right through me. I feel like my Grandma was trying to tell me something (and I feel that way again just typing that).  I don't know what she's trying to tell me, but maybe acknowledging it and writing it down will help.  Maybe she is trying to give me some insight into the family history stuff.  Maybe she is mad at me and threatening to hit me with her crutch.  Maybe she just wanted to say that she loves me.  I miss her.

My grandpa (in reference to the family history discussion) said something to the affect that the veil is thin and people on both sides are always working back and forth with one another to accomplish the things that need to happen.  If it is possible to say so, I think the veil is extra thin at my grandparent's house.  It just always feels good to go there.  My grandpa is such a spiritual strength for all of us, plus he has pictures of my grandma (and every other family member) all around the house.  Especially today, I just felt an extra strong testimony of the plan of salvation and families and the importance of staying close together.  That's all.  Maybe I just needed to write that.

21 October 2013


Today, for some reason, we had an extra day off for our UEA weekend. Molly, Jack, and I headed to the zoo! There was hardly anyone there and we had lots of fun. We ran in to the Mills family who used to tend Jack and it was fun to see them!

Both kids crashed on the way home. Mission accomplished!