22 March 2016

Wax Political

**Disclaimer: The post you are about to read is political and a bit of a rant. You are welcome to disagree with me, but it is my blog and this is where I get to write stuff.

I did not caucus tonight.  Most of the people in the state of Utah did.  I had an indoor soccer game to go to, dinner, homework of my own, and a leaking washing machine to top it all off. I am officially neither Republican or Democrat, but was strongly considering going to the Democratic caucus meeting.  

I have been trying to educate my students on why the caucus this year is kind of a big deal.  I have been encouraging my seniors to register to vote and become educated in the election process.  Despite the ethical reasons for not sharing political views with students, I may have also let it slip a few times that I think Donald Trump is crazy and not a good candidate for President.  Oh well.  

I also did my civic duty today by helping 3 lost adult souls during Murray High's lunch realize that they couldn't "vote" for president today and that they needed to come back at 6:30 for the caucus.  They didn't believe me, so I walked them to the office for a second opinion.  They were very disappointed and even pulled out the postcard they'd received in the mail to show me that it said they could vote today from 7 to 7.  Sorry.  The postcard gave information about the caucus.  

I've also decided to publish the following blog post that I wrote a few days ago.

Watch this video link, then watch the one with Obama below.  

It is March and President Obama has 8 months left on the job.  He has shown that he has no intentions of being a lame duck president.  He has a lot more gray hairs than he did 8 years ago, and honestly, if I could, I think I'd probably vote for him for a 3rd term.  

I simply don't understand this current fight over a Supreme Court Nominee. This whole Supreme Court thing is such a bunch of little kids whining over who gets to pick first at recess. It's clearly Obama's turn to pick, yet the GOPers are finding every excuse they can come up with to try to take the turn away from him. It just makes me all uptight. Has there been anything Obama hasn't had to fight Congress over in the last 7 years and 4 months? 
Obama specifically picks a guy who's fairly moderate and who the Senate has previously said they even liked, but then the Senate still has to play this stupid game based on their "ideals." I don't think Obama could compromise any more unless he appointed Orrin himself to the Court.
Hatch says it's not about the person. Well Orrin, if the right person is in front of you, why not go for it? All this is, is a crazy power struggle based on party loyalty and has nothing to do with what's good for America.

I would just fall flat on my face if, for once, the Republicans in Congress showed enough maturity to actually sit and meet as adults to solve a problem that is best for everyone.

Hatch says we can't do this (confirm a new justice) because the current presidential election is so "toxic." So . . . you're saying that you'd rather someone who you call toxic, pick the next nominee than someone who's actually in the position to do so now and is willing to nominate someone you'd like? There is zero logic in this argument. 

I would be so impressed with Orrin Hatch if he, for once, said "Hey fellow R's, let's actually take the high road this time and see if we can come to a resolution about the Supreme Court Nominee. It would go such a long way for us with the people of this country to actually solve a problem rather to create new ones. We could show some solidarity and decency during this time of mostly toxicity in politics."

But . . . it's not going to happen. Do you know how I know it is not going to happen? Donald Trump! Trump is not a decent person. Everything about him is shady. He's arrogant beyond arrogant and makes the most self-centered person you know personally, seem humble like a saint. I've heard people argue that they like him because he tells it like it is. Well, you know, sometimes we should find our filter and speak kindly of other people. That will always go a lot further than hatred. This man actually becoming the leader of the free world really scares me. It's not a gimmick job. Can you imagine him discussing diplomatic relations with heads of state? Can you imagine him trying to calm an angry protest about a police officer shooting an innocent person? Can you imagine him calming our country and offering resolve after a potential terrorist threat? Can you imagine him saying anything kind or heartwarming to the victims of the next mass shooting or natural disaster?

Give me a break!?! Back to the paragraph above . . . 

We could show some solidarity and decency during this time of mostly toxicity in politics. But . . . it's not going to happen. Do you know how I know it is not going to happen? Donald Trump! 

The only people who can stop a man like Donald Trump from getting closer and closer to the White House is . . . the Republicans. And they won't! Candidate after candidate is dropping out of the race and throwing their support his way without even batting an eye. How can they do this?!? They are too caught up with Grand Old Party and winning that they have totally lost focus on what's good for our country. I am waiting for a candidate or a big wig GOP leader to stand up and say, "Hey, I'm a Republican, but as a person of integrity, Trump does not represent me and I am not going to support him. You shouldn't either!" But they won't! It's all about the party. It's all about winning. The American people will be the only ones who lose.  

I get it. You can argue that a few won't support him . . . Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney . . . but that's not many. I'd be willing to bet $100 that if Donald wins the nomination, Ted Cruz would throw in his support.

And speaking of Ted Cruz . . . he's not much better. Remember him? He single-handedly stopped the government from functioning for days and filibustered for 21 hours because he doesn't think that all Americans should have health care? And he's the better option? He's the problem solver? Sheesh.  For those of you still reading and for those of you who think I must be a Hilary Clinton supporter, hold on (that's a post for another day). She has her flaws, too, and I definitely am not in favor of any kind of presidential dynasty (Clintons, Bushes, Harrisons, Roosevelts, Adams, etc.) But . . . Just know that if it comes down to a Trump v. Clinton election, the hard-working and smart woman, the mother, the frumpy old lady who can't say Beyonce's name right gets my vote hands down.

I am honestly not registered a republican or a democratic because of my own "ideals." I definitely lean to the liberal side, but have nothing against voting for a Republican if I feel they are the best person for the job. I am honestly so sick of Republican leadership lately. As a whole, they tell everyone they are taking the high road, they tug on your religious heartstrings, your patriotic zeal, and say they are saving your 1st and 2nd Amendments rights. People buy into this, but don't look into what the candidates are actually doing and saying. They are all just still a bunch of politicians!