25 May 2015

Wedding, Art, and Missionaries

This week included (as mentioned above) wedding, art, and missionaries.

On Wednesday, my cousin Emily got married to Brandan Shelley.  They got married in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and there were quite a few members of the Huber and Stapley families there, though no Shelley's.  (Note to self: I hope and expect that my kids choose to get married in the temple. However, if they choose something contrary to what I would have chosen for them, I will still show up and support as much as I can.)

The weather was a bit cold and windy for a day in May, but it was still a nice morning.

I dropped the kids off at school and taught my first class, then left to head to the wedding and returned for my last class.  The wedding was short enough that James and I had a chance to go out to lunch before I had to be back to school.  That never happens.

The reception was at the Old Meeting House and the kids had fun dancing around.

On Thursday night we went to the Ward Barbecue.  The kids decided to ride their bikes.  This was the first time Molly has been out of our cul de sac on her bike.  It was a bit challenging for both of them to get to the church and back, but we made it (with lots of pushing from mom).

On Friday, Murray High hosted the annual Arts Fest.  It's a fun time with a ton of work put into it, but I like it because I get to go find my own kids and hang out with them for part of the day.  We tie dyed shirts, made buttons, ate food, played with clay, made first aid kits, got free stuff from the national guard, and probably a few other things.

The kids really wanted to play on the pottery wheel and waited very patiently to have their turn.  Jack was finished in just a minute or so.  He was kind of weirded out by the texture of it and mostly just like pushing the gas pedal to get it to spin.  Then, of course, in true Jack fashion, he biffed it and hit his chin on the wheel.  He survived.  Molly, on the other hand, thought this was the coolest thing in the world and probably could have sat for an hour at the wheel.  The guy running the booth got her started, but then she kept pressing her fingers into the clay and shaping her pot until it was so thin that it broke.  They had fun.  

Here is the finished product of our tie dying.

On Saturday morning, we helped pull some weeds and things at my Grandpa's house.

On Saturday night we joined my parents for a quick jaunt to Fruit Heights to crash the reception of a missionary companion of my brother.  Willie had asked that we try and go to the reception.  I contacted the groom, Elder Stuart, via Facebook and he finally responded later in the week with details of the reception.  While there, we also met another Lithuanian missionary, Elder Morgan,  Not to discredit other missionaries or other missions, but there is just something unique about all of this crazy kids in Lithuania.  They are all extremely smart, extremely well spoken (my mom would call it social capital), and very responsible.  I think they have to be.  The language is very difficult to learn and they are pretty much on their own as far as interaction with their mission president and adults in charge.  I believe all missionaries are sent to where they are supposed to go for a reason, but there is just something special about these crazy Lithuanian kids.