07 February 2015

Cheer Camp!

This week was the Murray High Junior Cheer Camp.  They high school cheerleaders work with the different age groups of kids (mostly girls) on Wednesday and Thursday after school.  Then, the kids get to cheer at the boys basketball game on Friday night and do a dance at halftime.  Go Spartans!

I'm obviously not super into cheerleading, but after less than successful attempts at dance, swimming,  and karate, I chose not to enroll Molly in any kind of activity this winter.  After much deliberation, I thought we'd try this out.  It was only a 3 day commitment.  She knows some of high school kids anyway because they work in the daycare and would hopefully be more willing to cooperate.  Jack could do it, too.  There was another little girl from daycare doing it. It seemed like something worth trying.

Jack - There were only 4 little boys who signed up.  Jack was excited and had fun doing somersaults on the mat and being hoisted in the air.  Otherwise, the 3 boy cheerleaders wrestled with the kids and tried to keep them entertained at least for a little bit of the 2 hour clinic.  Jack had fun, but 2 hours is a long time.  He lost interest and hung out with me for quite a while.

When it came to the actual halftime performance during the game, he chickened out.  Over the course of the performance, he got more brave to the point where he actually ran about 20 ft out on the court when it was his turn, only to turn and run back to me. It's ok.  He's little.

Molly - Wednesday was a little rough.  She laughed -She cried.  She had fun - She was scared.  She participated - She ran back to me crying.  It was a typical Molly experience.  On Thursday, though, she was great!  She had fun and did mostly what she was supposed to the entire time.  On Friday, it was even better!  She ran to her group when we got there.  She sat with them through the entire first half of the ball game and said the cheers.  She did her dance like a champ at halftime.  I was so proud of her!  My mom and dad came to the game and said maybe she'd finally found her niche.  I don't know about that, but we can certainly sign up for the cheer camp again next year and I think it was good for her to have a positive experience with some type of extracurricular activity!

01 February 2015


We went to see Guster on a friday night at the Depot - James, Annie, Ross, and I.  Guster is just my most favorite thing ever.  Their albums are good, but their live shows are just so much better.  I don't know how many times I've seen them, but at least a dozen or more.  As far as I know, I've only ever missed one performance and that is because they did a show once at DV8 before I'd ever even heard of them.  Annie and I think I was still in high school when we saw them the first time, so it has definitely been ages since we've been going to their shows.  They are showing their age, as well.  The Thundergod definitley has a lot of gray in his beard and Ryan Miller's hair is longer, yet shorter in front.  

It was great!  Their new album is called "Evermotion" and it is a little . . . odd.  If you want to try out Guster, I wouldn't recommend starting with the new one.  Start with one of the last two albums, instead.  Ryan Miller mentioned during the show that they know this album "is a grower."  I guess that means it has to grow on you a little before you like it.  He also admitted that he doesn't think he's ever stuck with a band through 7 albums and he's glad that people have stuck with them.  For whatever reason, Salt Lake City is always a good crowd and a great show.

We saw them with the BNL's and the BF5's at the USANA, but the last time they headlined, Jack and Quinn attended, too, in their unborn and fat mamma state.  

Until next time . . .