05 December 2013

Failed Attempts at a Christmas Photo

We did get a couple of good photos during our Thanksgiving photo shoot.  However, my favorites are the ones that will not be sent out!

01 December 2013

Sibling-a-go-go part 2

So Saturday of our sibling adventure went like this . . .

Breakfast was eaten at a good little dive called the Sugar Shack. It was a recommendation from a friend of Annie's who used to live in Huntington Beach. I had pancakes and potatoes. Good!

We ventured to some stores, bought a few prizes then back to our room to get our beach supplies (really just chairs and a couple other things).

We hung out on the beach for a few hours. The weather was perfect. The sand was soft. The water was cold. Annie and Willie found some cool shells. There was some good people watching.

When we had had enough sun, we went back to the room, refreshed ourselves, and headed to our other Southern California favorite . . . Disneyland!  Of course there was no way we were going to the park without the rest of our family, but we walked around downtown Disney and bought some more prizes and did some more people watching.  Willie and I did go through the security bag check line to go to the actual entrances of the parks and looked at the cool Christmas decor.

Next, back to the beach we went. Annie wanted to see the sunset, but we may have missed it. Once at the Ocean, it's last remains were visible so we did a quick stop for a sunset photo.

Back at home base, the goal was Ruby's diner at the end of the Huntington Beach pier. We all ordered milkshakes (which come before your meal) and then ate more deliciousness. We were laughing so hard at who knows what that Willie and I couldn't breathe. It was fun!

We went to a CVS for chocolate milk and snacks for the road the next day. I accidentally bought the milk with extra protein and the distilled water with extra electrolytes.  (I took a water bottle with me to try to be more environmentally friendly but I left it in the valeted car and it tasted like dish soap anyway).

We headed out early Sunday morning and hit some slow downs in Nevada but otherwise are making good time. It has been a great trip! I am grateful for such a close relationship with my siblings and that we can always make each other laugh.  My aunt Jackie told Annie that we would probably just fight the whole time. No way!  It was great.

I am grateful for a supportive husband who may not have wanted me to come, but didn't say anything other than, "Go. That's fine." I am grateful for my chilluns. I have missed them (and James, too)!

I am grateful for my parents, not only because they tended my kids for a good portion of this weekend, but because they must have done something right in raising us.

The end!