27 December 2013

Binggeli chtistmas light adventure

On the Monday before Christmas, all of the Binggeli clan but Annie's family was able to meet in town to see the lights. We ate at the city Creek food Court and then walked around Temple square. It was super crowded but a fun night.

Molly and jack were good. They had plenty of people to help carry and chase after them.  Jack rode in the wheelchair Grandpa brought for a little while.  He ran sprints in front of the church office building and we nearly lost him a couple of times.  Molly made Colton carry her most of the night, but he was a good sport. Jack laughed hysterically every time he touched Jason's beard and a few swallows of my Coke gave him enough energy for his extreme animal sounds to entertain everyone. 

We also learned tonight that James' youngest sister Amber and her husband Colton are expecting a baby in May, so that was pretty exciting news.

Christmas program

On Wednesday, December 18th, Molly and Jack had their annual Christmas program at school.  Jack's part was to do the actions to "Once there was a snowman," but he was so distracted by Santa sitting in the corner watching the kids that all he could do was point and say, "ho, ho, ho" during his song.  It's ok.  It was still cute.

Molly did an excellent job singing all the songs and sitting still during the program.  She had her part down perfectly beforehand, but when it came her turn for the microphone, she could only manage a few words at a time and had to turn to Ms. Sarah for help.

Grandma & Grandpa Binggeli were able to come down.  My mom came as well as my sister's family.  All the kids got to sit on Santa's lap afterwards (and we got to enjoy the delicious Banbury Cross donuts for dessert).

Hermana Meranda

Meranda came home the night of Thursday, December 19th from her mission to Ascuncion Paraguay. The airport was absolutely insane after a day of closures due to snow and ice. Meranda boarded her first plane at 2:30 in the morning Paraguay time, and finally made it to us around midnight, Salt Lake time.  

She looked great! It was fun to see her!  We have since had a chance to see her on Christmas Eve and for a few minutes Christmas Day!  The kids immediately love her.  We missed her but are grateful for choosing to serve and are grateful for her safe return home.