15 May 2016

Happy Birthday Molly!

Good Golly Miss Molly!  You are 6!  Holy Cow!

What can I say about you?  You are a smart and beautiful little blonde-haired girl.  You are way more girly than your mom will ever be, but you also like to get in the dirt with your brother every once in a while.  You picked out sparkly sandals for your birthday, but you carried a worm in a jar around in your backpack for 2 days.  You are starting to get the hang of reading and like to tell me the letters to different words if you can't read them yourself.  You are an excellent student and love kindergarten.  I hope you always love school.

You love to draw and do anything with arts and crafts.  You are always building projects out of random supplies you find and you love to write people notes and give them pictures.  You like to listen to music, play games, and watch movies.

You are extremely honest and cannot even tell a white lie when I ask you to like "don't tell Jack, he'll feel bad."  You tell me everything and I am very glad. You tell me when you make a bad choice and you tell me when someone else does, too.  I can always trust you 100%.  You even told me about the day you had to move your clip down (like getting your name on the board) at school because you hit a kid.  It took a while to get it out of you and you were pretty stressed about it, but once you got it off your chest, it was fine.  We recounted the story to dad at dinner.  You were standing in line and a kid in your class pushed you.  You didn't like it so you pushed him back.  When I told dad that part, you jumped in "No, I didn't push him, I punched him in the face."  No one was hurt and we had a good discussion about how to better handle these types of situations.  However, part of me was also proud of you that you had some gusto.  At home and with mom, you sometimes just melt into a pile of goo if we breath on you wrong.

You can scream louder than anything I've ever heard, but you can also put a blanket on me and tell me you'll take care of me if I fall asleep on the couch.  You drive me crazy at church, but you hug your primary teacher every Sunday after class and tell her thank you.  You boss your little brother around, but you also take great care of him.

You love princesses, ponies, and Shopkins.  You love animals of all kind and probably want a small farm one day (even though your parents won't let you).  You have made many habitats for worms and potato bugs and will have to be satisfied with that for a while.

Some days I don't know what to do with you Molly-wog, but every day I don't know what I'd do without you!

I love you so much and I'm excited to watch you keep growing and learning!

Happy Birthday!


Finally!  James did it.  He has his Master's Degree.

He officially has a Master's of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Care Management.

We took the kids to the general commencement on Thursday night and then the Binggeli's - Mary, LaRon, Amber, Joesy, Jason, AlDon, Janet, and Joyce - plus my mom and I attended the nursing school convocation on Friday.  After that I ran back to school to get the kids and we all met up at the Olive Garden for an early dinner.  It was a nice day!  James has worked hard (so has his editor) and it was good for him to get some accolades.

He wore two cords.  One was for being a veteran and the other was for being inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, nursing honor society.

His degree did not require a "thesis," but did require a "synthesis," which I think is just a slightly shorter version.  He wrote his about the role of a Care Manager in the field of opioid addiction and recovery.  It was interesting.  I read it several times.

James took a new job the first part of April with Select Health as a Care Manager I.  He spent quite a few weeks in training and is just starting to get into the routine of what his day-to-day responsibilities are, but it seems like a good fit and he likes it.  He follows up with patients (mostly behavioral health patients) on whether they are attending to their plan of care or not and approves insurance claims.

Congratulations!  We are very proud of you!