05 June 2015

Jack - 3 year old doctor visit

Jack went to the doctor the for his 3 year old visit.  The 3 year old visit is a big milestone at Dr. Havlik's office because it is the first time the kids get their blood pressure checked, do an eye exam, and get to wear the fancy night gown instead of just sitting in their diapers/underwear.

Jack thought the night gown thing was a little weird, but put it on anyways.  After a couple of minutes, he'd had enough though.  He called it a dress and he called it jammies.  Either way, he didn't want anything to do with it and would rather bounce around the office in his undies.

3 year old stats:
  • Weight - 34 pounds 7 ounces (79th percentile)
  • Height - 39 inches (85th percentile)
  • Heart Rate - 101 bpm
  • Blood Pressure - 97/62 (he had to have it take several times because he wouldn't hold still)
  • Eyes - 20/40 in each eye (I guess this is fine.  Eyes don't fully develop until about 1st grade)

31 May 2015

Happy Birthday #3 to Jack!

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Jack turned 3 today.  I can't believe he is already that old.  He has a bit of temper if the right thing sets him off, but he is otherwise my super happy, lovable little boy.  He loves to laugh and just has a natural sense of humor.  He still likes to give hugs and lay his head on my shoulder.  He's a pro at going to the bathroom and doesn't really need any help except to make sure someone here's him announce that he needs to go.  He's all boy and is full of farts and burps.  He thinks they are the funniest thing anyone has ever done.  He climbs and crawls and bruises around everything he can.  He's always hungry and loves to eat.  He's filthy dirty nearly every day I pick him up from school.  

He throws a fit at "button pants" and dreads knowing that Sundays are approaching and he must wear them.  Sorry, kid, no stretchy pants at church.  At church he's the best talker in the nursery and likes to look after all the other kids.  He's a stinker when I go in and do singing time with them, but he's finally started letting me go back to primary without a fight.  

He got full reign of the red tricycle after Molly's birthday and today Aunt Chris brought him Max's old big kid bike with training wheels. He's a little bit nervous, but will warm up to it, I'm sure.

He doesn't like bugs or thunder.  He doesn't like shoes and socks.  He'd live outside if he could.  He'd never wear a seat belt if he could.  He could spend hours watching Peppa Pig or Tractor Videos on Youtube. He loves his sister even though she can be a major pest, but they are a good team.  He loves to help his dad do anything outside.  

Happy Birthday Jack!  I can't wait to see you grow up another year!