19 April 2014

Easter Eve!

We started our Easter Eve with an egg hunt at the care center where grandpa is at. It was the most complicated but interesting hunt ever.  Each kid had a sack with a number on it.  All of the eggs outside were also numbered.  The kids could only take the eggs with their number on them (there was supposed to be 6 total).  All our kids (Howdens and Binggelis) were in the 112-116ish range.  Molly is pretty good at reading numbers, but it was quite the challenge.  Jack just wandered and stepped on the plastic eggs.  The good news is that the egg hunt lasted quite some time which meant the residents of the care center actually got to enjoy it for more than 30 seconds.  The bad news was that in the end, we were only able to find 5 of our 6, so Grandma Judy tried to convince us to take some other number, but Ross said we were just perpetuating the problem and Molly wouldn't do it because she could see the numbers weren't hers.  Oh well.  

Humpty Dumpty came to our house.
We dyed him and his relatives.  Several never made it to the dying table.  Several more never made it to the dried-and-stickered part.  

We finally had 7 scary monster eggs that looked kind of cute . . . 

. . . until Jack and Molly attacked.  Jack is crazy and Molly just wanted to "crack" the eggs to see what was inside.  I let her.  They started to stink. All 7 went in the trash within a few minutes of these photos.

In other new, I realized my debit card was lost today and that I hadn't had it since Thursday.  I called the Smiths in Murray and they had it.  That makes 2 times in the last couple of weeks that I have lost it and some wonderful good soul found it and didn't do anything foul with it.  I must be doing something right.