09 May 2015

Spring In Review

The end of April and beginning of May have rushed by in a whirlwind.  We've had t-ball.  School has been crazy.  James had some semester end projects to finish.  I don't really even know where the time all went, but it did.  Here are a few things we've been up to.

Every year our school holds an annual Service Day.  It's cool!  Every advisory class participates in a service project.  My class has done a variety of things over the years, but this year we got to go help out at the daycare.  The little kids (and my big kids) were divided into 3 groups that rotated every half hour or so.  Two groups went around the school giving out cookies to other classes of high school students who were working hard.  The third group stayed to do some service for the daycare by tearing down an old rotted garden box and building a new one.  I stayed with the kids as they rotated through the garden box project because I wasn't sure if it was actually going to get done.  Eventually it did (though I sent some of my students later in the day to finish it off).

I didn't get a picture of Jack at work, but here is Molly with her shovel.

Here are three of my students - Jamari, Mason, and Sam.  I've had these kids in my advisory class since they were sophomores.  Unfortunately, Jamari is not going to graduate and doesn't have much of a plan for things after June 3rd.  I'm not sure what he's going to do, but I hope for the best for him.

Jack finished out the dirt project by getting between a 4 year old with a shovel and his teacher.  It wasn't his first black eye and probably won't be his last.  The shovels were put away shortly after the incident.

These two boys are best friends.  Individually they are both super cute, but together they are just nutty.  I hope they always stay friends.

James bought one of those patio fire pit things and has had a couple of bonfires already, though we haven't broken out any hot dogs or marshmallows yet.  Summer has yet to begin.

Parkie Warkie got his mission call!  He is headed to the Texas Houston East Mission and leaves in September.  His mission covers the gulf coast part of eastern Texas and then western Louisiana.  He will be gone before Willie gets back and I'm not sure what we're going to do during those months without a big iggy to keep us entertained.  I'm proud of this kid and his choice to go on a mission.  I think he'll be a great missionary and have a lot of fun getting to know people in that part of the world.

My kids looked really cute for church one Sunday so I made them sit for a quick picture before church.  They are both so grown up when they choose to be.  Jack loves to play with his friends in nursery, though he otherwise hates Sundays because he has to wear pants with a button.  Molly is a smart fart who is always so excited to tell me what she's learned in her primary class.  Last week she came running to me after church exclaiming that "Moroni is a real human!"  She continued to tell me that he wasn't just the statue on top of the temples, but that he was really a guy who lived and he buried the shiny gold plates.  It was pretty funny.

That's it for now.  Stay tuned for a full t-ball and house selling report coming up next.
We are looking forward to some birthdays coming up, sun, and summer!