11 November 2015

Happy Veteran's Day

I went through some old photos to find a very young James doing his military duty.  Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service.


Once again, time has flown by and I haven't updated this hear blog.  Here is a rundown of the month of October (since now it is November).

Molly did her first ever school presentation.  She had to do a 2-3 minute report about pumpkins.  We checked out a book from the library about pumpkins, we wrote down what was important and decided what we wanted to tell the class.  Molly picked the pink poster paper, typed the words (with mom telling her how to spell the words), cut and arranged everything on the paper.  I met her at school the morning of her report to carry in her visual aid pumpkins and leaves.  She did a great job!

Halloween happened.  The kids were back and forth on what they wanted to be.  Mostly, Molly wanted to be a My Little Pony and Jack wanted to be a Minion.  We went to a store one night and they found these costumes - Pink Crayon and Green Skeleton.  They didn't change their minds and I was happy about that!

The kids dressed up for a ward party, school, and Halloween on Saturday.  The costumes got some good use.  

James dressed up for work.  He's been growing this yucky beard and has purchased a new hat and earmuffs since this picture to improve his Yukon Cornelius costume.  

Jack came Trick-or-Treating to my classroom!

Grandma Judy was able to go to Molly's parade.

When the actual night of Halloween came, the kids and I made it around the block before Jack's legs were broken and he was literally crawling on the sidewalk.  Once inside, the kids had a lot of fun passing out treats to the kids coming to our house.