29 December 2013

New Sunday Clothes

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  I love Christmas time and the build up to it is absolutely my favorite time of year.  Molly and Jack are both old enough to realize the excitement and we just had a fun Christmas season and a fun day.  Here are a few highlights that did not get their own blog posts:

  • Petersen Family Party - This was hosted by my mom this year and my sister made her slowly-becoming-famous-knock-off-Waffle-Love-Truck Liege waffles. This is the second time I have had them and they are delicious.
  • Huber Progressive Party - This was hosted by my aunt Jackie and then my Uncle Johnny.  We went to Jackie's and had 24-hour roast and delicious potatoes.  We were only at John's a few minutes because we were all headed to a wedding reception for my mom's neighbor, Arlee Heslop.
  • Sock Shopping - Since even before my Grandma died, I got to help with the sock shopping. The last few years, my Grandpa has decided to carry on the tradition and let Annie and I be in charge.  We went together this year (with Willie, too) and knocked out all of the sock purchases in one night.  It took us a few more days to get them all wrapped and delivered to Grandpa's house, but it is always a fun socky time.
  • Driving Around to See Lights - After the kids' Christmas Program, we decided to drive around a look a cool Christmas lights houses.  Molly and Jack were pretty impressed!
  • Christmas Eve - We had our Christmas Eve celebration and dinner at my Grandpa's house.  The food is always turkey dinner.  Willie re-invented the family band and we played two songs.  I don't think anyone cared, but it was fun.
  • Post Christmas Judy/Karl Family adventure - We went to eat breakfast on the Saturday after Christmas.  Then we went to see the Dinosaur Movie.  Jack sort of stayed put for part of the movie, then he and I hung out in the hall.
Christmas Day!
We started our day pretty early.  We had to wake up the kids.  We opened all our Santa Clause gifts and gifts to each other, then loaded up the car and headed north.  We were at James' parents until later in the afternoon, then a 5 minute pit stop at home, then my parents, then my Grandpa's.  The kids were pretty good all day.  We are very appreciative of the gifts everyone gave us and hopefully someone out there liked something we gave them.

Merry Christmas!