08 March 2015

Made it Past the 7 Year Itch.

"The Seven Year Itch" is actually not a movie I've seen, but as James and I now embark on our 8th anniversary, I thought it was a creative title.  Honestly, I don't know if I've ever seen a Marilyn Monroe movie at all.  Hmmm.  Maybe I need to expand my movie repertoire.

Anyway, this post is to say Happy Anniversary #8 to me and James (March 9th). If he gets me a gift for our anniversary, I'll be pleasantly appreciative, but I don't expect it.  I told him I wasn't getting him anything.  We've spent too much money in the last week anyway on our crazy townhouse and he and his dad are spending all afternoon tomorrow there, as well.  This blog post is it, James (though I'm sure I'll use our anniversary as an excuse to not cook food at our house on some day after the actual anniversary).  I hope you like it!

Happy Anniversary.

We are different.

You are silent.  I sometimes yell.  You make crumbs.  I clean them up.  I break things.  You fix them.  I lose patience with kids.  You get them to behave.  I fix food.  You eat it.  I make plans.  You come along for the ride.  You write papers.  I read them.  Puke makes me want to puke.  Puke doesn't phase you.

We are alike.

You save money so we can spend it on things we want.  I save money so we can spend it on things we want.  I like to go to basketball games.  You like to go to basketball games.  You let me do whatever I want to do.  I hope you feel like I let you do whatever you want to do.  I like to work in the yard.  You like to work in the yard.  I couldn't be a nurse. You couldn't be a school teacher.  You fall asleep on the couch.  I fall asleep at the computer.

Marriage is tough.  You have to be committed to be in it for the long haul.  We don't always get along and I think we drive each other crazy, but I'm grateful that I married you and I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else.

Thanks for being there for the last 8 years and here's to the next many more.

I could give you a song like this for our anniversary.  You know . . .  will you still love me when my legs don't work anymore . . . kind of stuff.  But, I don't look like her and neither of us can really dance.

I think this song is a bit more fitting for us . . . things are in control and out of control . . .  are you tired? I'm tired . . . but we've got it as much as anybody every has . . . .

Happy Anniversary!  I love you!


Thanks for the gift of the post. Love you much also! James