11 April 2015

Happy Easter Pictures!

Easter was on General Conference weekend.  I bought Easter clothes for my kids, but didn't let them wear them on Easter Sunday.  I usually get my kids' pictures taken sometime in May for their birthdays.  I decided to utilize the brand new Easter clothes and get some birthday pictures taken early.  Here are the results!

Sidenotes . . .
The kids were really good and cooperated (though I may have bribed them with ice cream).
Molly has a hard time smiling normally for a picture and would rather grit her teeth and make googly eyes.
Jack didn't like his sweater vest because it had "girl stuff on it."  I guess he meant the pink.
We tried Camera Shy instead of Foto Fly.  It was a good experience and we didn't have to drive clear to Draper.

05 April 2015

Spring Break

Here is our Spring Break (in reverse . . .  Friday to Monday)

On Friday we got to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa.  We ended by going to the park and then hanging out at their house for a while.

We went to Menchies

We saw a Humpback Whale 3D movie at the Planetarium with the Howdens after a delicious lunch at Litzas.

On Thursday we didn't have much planned, but we did leave the house for a little bit to go rescue my dad.  He had a dead battery in his truck so we took him to the store, got lunch on the way back, and ate it at my parents house.  I can't remember what else we did on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Molly discovered Legos and thinks they are pretty cool. We made a few things according to the directions and then she started building her own random objects. This one is a narwhal.  "Hey buddy, I hope you find your dad . . .  or you could be a rocket." - Molly

We visited the Build a Bear store at the mall.  The kids had fun.  Molly made a pink bear named "Stuffy" and Jack made a puppy named "Ruff Ruff Chewy."  I let them each buy one accessory for their new pets.  Jack first just wanted a pair of shoes for his dog, but after some persuasion from mom and dad settled on a Utah shirt (the shoes were only going to get lost).  Molly couldn't decide.  We tried several outfits, shirts, a cell phone, etc.  She finally decided on a blow dryer until we actually got to the check-out stand at which point she dropped the blow dryer for a princess tiara.  

Our purpose in going to Fashion Place Mall was to pick up a prize we had won.  When we went there a few weeks ago to look at Legos, I entered a contest and this was the prize!  We were excited to get an actual prize and not just a time share schpeal (which is what I thought it might be when the said we won something . . .  just kidding).

We also drove by Molly's new school on the way to the mall.  She will be going to Liberty Elementary in Murray District.  She will still attend Spartan Station daycare with Jack and then the bus will take her to school and back.  She's excited!  I did tell her a small lie, though.  Every time we've talked about kindergarten, she can't not focus on getting shots.  It has been totally freaking her out and consuming all discussion of kindergarten.  I finally just told her she doesn't have to get shots.  That is totally a lie, but at least she is now excited about kindergarten.  I'll probably just break the news to her about the shots . . . after she gets them.

On Tuesday we went to the zoo.  It was super crowded.  We saw some animals and ate macaroni.  James even went with us (he went with us to the mall, too).

On Monday we didn't have much planned, but needed to get out of the house.  We headed to see the elk and buffalo in South Jordan, then stopped at Wendy's and took our lunch to a random park to play at for a little while.

Monday started out with total vegetation on the part of the two children who needed some quality television and youtube time.  Jack started with his typical tractor videos and then ended with his other typically favorite show lately, Peppa Pig.

Molly watched a few television shows she hasn't seen since Christmas break.  She was at least doing puzzles in this picture to show that she was exercising her brain (which has not effect on the fact that we still watched a ton of television, youtube, and netflix during our week off).

It was a good week!!