12 May 2015


Kearns Oquirrh Park T-ball 2015 is finished!  It was just over a month long, 8 games, and two rain outs.  We had a solid 7 kids on our team and they were all pretty happy to be there and excited to come each game.  We were the red team.  We, of course, won every game (as did our opponents), because that is how T-ball works.

There were tears, there was grass throwing, there was throwing of shoes and refusal to wear mitts or helmets.  There was rock collecting and dirt moving.  There was a bloody nose that went awry when Molly shoved the klenex plug up too far and began to panic.  I was worried that game might end in a trip to instacare, but eventually we got it out before the klenex was lodged in her brain.  There was the time I lost track of Jack and found him laying down at 2nd base with his hand down his pants.  There was the time Molly ran into the outfield and yelled all sorts of yells at whatever blades of grass were listening to her.  There were bumps and scrapes and crashing of heads.

There were lots of high fives, lots of after game treats, lots of serious kids at bat ready to whack that ball to outer space as if they were ready to win the World Series (as if they knew what the World Series was).  There were giggles and smiles and running right past the bases.  There were cheers to say "good game [insert color] team."  There were lots of home runs.  There was overall of lot of little kids having fun.

Here are some pictures of our season!