11 August 2016

Summer So Far So Far

This summer seems like it has been uneventful.  We didn't go on any vacations and we didn't really do anything that spectacular.  Other than finishing our basement and getting my appendix out, it has really just been filled with run-of-the-mill summertime kid activities.  That's not a bad thing, though.  Here are some highlights.

We finished our basement!  Finished is a relative term.  I still have touch-up painting that I've never found the motivation to finish, but for the most part, it is done.  We love it!

We went to "This Is The Place" one day with the Howdens.  I haven't been there for a very long time and it has changed some (for the better).  The kids got to learn a little more about pioneers, living in log cabins, getting a shave and a tooth pulled, and being sold to a blacksmith.

We went to Galoon!  We called it a trial run for Disneyland and we all lived.  The kids were good and had fun.  The adults were also mostly well-behaved. Molly took good care of Quinner once he decided to ride some rides.  Jack thought the fast rides were pretty cool.  Molly was brave and went on quite a bit, including Bombora (though she may have screamed and then death-gripped my arm).  James and Willie were good sports and went with the boys on Rattlesnake Rapids.  They got pretty wet!

We went to the 24th of July float preview.  Molly got her face painted and Jack got a fancy balloon creation.  

We spent the 25th of July in Garland and Malad with the Binggelis.  We saw Amber's new house and played with Joesy's kittens.  We ate lunch at a yummy barbecue place in Malad and then had shaved ice.  We ended the night with a milkshake in Brigham City at Peach City's.  It was a good day, but HOT!!!!

That was pretty much it for the month of July.  It was hot.  There were a record number of days above 100 degrees and we mostly stayed inside every afternoon having "chill" time watching movies because it was too miserable to do much else.

The kids played with the neighbor kids most every night when it cooled off.  We ate lots of french fries and went to McDonalds a few too many times.  It was a good July.