28 March 2015


Holy Cow!  March is almost over and I've hardly recorded anything about it.  Here is the month in pictures.  Most of the month was spent stressing over our rental house, so these other events are really all a blur.

I finally finished young women's basketball.  We had to host the region tournament one night at our building and that was stressful only because the region people were cramping my style, but now I'll know what to expect for next time.

This is a photo of the backseat of our trusty, dusty vehicle.  This photo was taken on a Friday after I had cleaned and vacuumed the car on the previous Wednesday.  I really don't know how all this crap gets there.  My children really need to learn to not make messes (and stop taking new stuff from the house to the car every time we go somewhere).  Grrrr. 

One Saturday, the kids and I went to Fashion Place Mall to check out a large Lego exhibit of historic U.S. buildings.  The kids also got to play with some Legos.  The mall was insanely crowded and it was crazy, but I think we had fun.

We celebrated an early St. Patrick's Day on the Sunday before by adding some fake green facial hair to small children.

We celebrated the actual St. Patrick's Day by wearing green shirts and pants to school.

Finally, today we helped the neighbors move 2 loads of dirt from their driveway to their backyard.  They had rented a bobcat, but it was still a ton of work.  Once we finished, the kids got to go for a quick ride in the "tractor."  There is a certain 2 year old boy who's favorite past time beside playing in dirt is watching tractor videos on You Tube.  Needless to say, he may have died and gone to heaven for a few minutes this afternoon.

27 March 2015

A Great Day To Be A Ute!

I love University of Utah Basketball!  This season did not disappoint.  Well, it did a few times, but it also had quite a few glorious moments, too.  It's been a long time of some extreme ugly betties to get to today, but it's about time things have turned around.

After a million years, our Runnin' Utes made it to the NCAA tournament and after even a million more, they won two games and made it to the Sweet 16.  That's pretty sweet, don't you think!  The Utes were seeded 5th and beat Stephen F. Austin and then Georgetown.  They lost to Puke Duke tonight (the battle of the Coach Krysekiqiewririsadksafisky's), but put up a very respectable fight.

I told several people at school today and even my mom tonight that I was glad they one won game in the tournament and ecstatic that they won two.  I figured they had nothing to lose and I was just going to enjoy watching the game.  I didn't intentionally lie, but man was I wrong.  Once that game started, I was all uptight and nervous.  I really wanted them to pull it out, but it just wasn't in the cards.  You win some. You lose some.  And, some just get rained out by Duke.

I added a seat to our season tickets this week.  We moved down a row.  Ticket prices went up.

I watched an ESPN special called, "I Hate Christian Laettner."  It was interesting.  I remember watching him hit some of those clutch shots on TV as a younger kid (in the days when I had giant posters of Larry, Magic, and Michael on my bedroom walls).  The movie was interesting and basically articulated all of the thoughts that I'd ever had about why I can't stand Duke Basketball.

It must just be in the blue uniform . . .  BYU, Duke, and then not to mention Kentucky.  Bleh.  At least it wasn't that particular blue team knocking the poor Utes out of the tournament for the 100th time.

It was a great season and I'm looking forward to next year!