16 December 2015


On Thanksgiving Eve, we met Annie and the boys at the West Val Train Station and rode the train downtown.  The activity itself was the train and lunch at City Creek.  After that, we headed home.  Grandma Judy was able to meet us for lunch and we may have gone to the Disney Store afterwards.  The kids had fun on the train, though.

James worked on Thanksgiving Day and at my mom's direction we decided to pretty much break all Thanksgiving traditions.  Instead of going with our extended Huber family, we decided to just have Thanksgiving with the smaller lot of us.  Annie hosted.  I made rolls.  We ate roast beef.  It was delicious.  Before dinner, we made some Target crafts.  

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we got to celebrate again (with Turkey and Ham) at the Binggeli's.  I guess I didn't take any pictures the whole day, but the kids had fun playing with Joesy and Preslee, the food was good, and the company, as well.

We also started Christmas celebrations with the Petersen Extended Family.  Uncle Paul was our host this year and he invited us to all meet up for bowling then back to his place for lunch.  It was a fun time!