31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

The kidlets had halloween at school. They came trick or treating to my room, were super cute, then cried when they had to leave. So sad. (And, a student of mine from Burundi thought that all 15 little kids there were mine.)

James opted to stay home and give out tons of candy while I walked around with the kids. Jack was a pro and after about 3 houses knew exactly what to do and just went at it. Molly struggled . . . With life . . . But we did make it around the block.

Once the candy was gone, we headed out to grandpa Huber's for Halloween festivities. A bunch of the older cousins had fancy dancy costumes this year.

(Molly had a rough Halloween day and she wanted make-up with her witch costume, so that is why she looks like she is in pain. I am also posting a picture of her in hat costume for the ward party last week.)