20 December 2015

Noteworthy Things for December

Molly and Jack performed "The Grinch" for their school program.  They did an excellent job as usual!

The kids and I attended the annual Binggeli Christmas party at James' Aunt Suzanne's house.  The activity for the party was to make your own ugly sweater.  Molly and Jack pretty much did their own.  Molly had a lot of fun and worked on hers for a long time.  Jack lost patience and used a lot of glue.  His included puff balls in the armpits and a rock and sticks under his tractor.  It was a pretty creative activity.

The kids and I also attended the annual Huber Family non-Progressive Party.  Cindy hosted it at her church and Jackie was in charge.  It actually went pretty well and most were in attendance.  The food was a little scattered with lots of mixed tastes because Jackie wanted a "true pot luck,", but individually it was good stuff.  We did a white elephant, a photo booth, ate, sang a few songs, and kids played basketball.  It was good.

Utah 77 Duke 75

I just sent the following in a Sunday night e-mail to my brother.  It is sugar coated a little because I was super stressed and uptight yesterday.  Had on been more chill and had adults to converse and enjoy the moment with, I probably would have been dancing around my house!  I don't even have a TV with the right channels.  I listened to it in the car, then on my phone, then on my computer because my phone quit working.  Sports are a fleeting thing, but man I love me some Utah Basketball:

Ok . . . Biggest news of the week!!!!!  Are you ready!!!!  

The Utes beat Duke at Madison Square Gardens on Saturday!  It went to overtime.  It was a little ugly . . .  homered calls, way too many turnovers, nearly blew it at the end, etc. . . . but oh man, they did it!!!  Can you believe it!  It made all those losses to Kentucky over the years and last year to Duke feel totally redeemed.  Jimmy Fallon was even at the game.  It had to have been the happiest basketball day since 1998 and I Annie and I danced around our Mildred house after Utah beat Arizona in the NCAA's.  I was a little excited!  Jakob Poeltl had 19 points and 14 rebounds and played one of his best games ever.  He also played most of the 2nd half with 4 fouls and didn't foul out until 30 sec left in the OT.

Yukon Cornelius

Final Product