13 November 2013


Jack likes to sit on the washing machine and watch it spin around.  Molly was a veterinarian at school today.

Invited back to school

Last week I was invited back to school. The University of Utah Math Department invited me to come be a lunchtime speaker for their series, "What can I do with a math degree?" 

I only had about 5 students who came to listen to me (even with the bribe of free pizza) plus 2 university instructors and the advisor who invited me. (... and my little brother who  I told to stop by and get some pizza.) It is ok, though. The math department only graduates 6-7 teachers each year, and I guess I shouldn't have expected too many. They told me, though that the last presenter drew a big crowd. He was from Goldman Sachs and perhaps a bigger draw comes with a bigger pay check.

It was fun! It was fun just to be wandering around campus in the middle of the day. I took some pictures.