30 September 2014

Boogity boogity

Molly got in trouble at school the other day.  She and another little kid hid in the bathroom when it was time for rests and the teachers couldn't find them.  Once found the punishment at school was a shortened nap (they woke them up early) and then they didn't get the same afternoon snack as the other kids.  They got something less desirable and with less sugar.  

We talked about it when we got home and decided that we could write a note to her teachers to tell them she was sorry.  She told me what to write, she signed her name at the very bottom of the page, we folded it in half, and she drew some special pictures on the other side.  

She tries to be good most of the time.  

My sister decided to go away to Lost Wages for 2 days to see some weird concert.  My mom was brave enough and willing to tend the 3 boys while the parents were away.  Since James works all day, we decided to hang out with them, too.  We met them for lunch at McDonald's and let the kids play in the play area for a while.  After naps, we went to my mom's house and hung out some more.  The kids colored and played legos.  Elliott ripped a small chunk of skin off his finger while playing "shoot the legos off the treadmill."  I accidentally broke my parents' 400 year old wedding gift blender when the pitcher tipped over in the sink.  We had just finished fixing milkshakes.  Oops.

My dad sat downstairs and watched the Utes play hard and then choke.  Since he had grandson duty and since Elliott didn't really want to go to the game (which was probably a smart move due to the rain), he had given his tickets to someone at work.  

It was a fun Saturday!