23 August 2014

Summer Ending

The summer has come to a close. We started back to rat race last Monday. I think the kids and I really need the routine and regiment, but not the getting up early and not being able to just bum around. It has been a great summer, though.

During our last week of summer . . . . . 

Molly joined the neighbor kids selling rocks on afternoon.  Someone actually stopped and bought a few. 

We went to the Ogden Temple open house with Grandma and Grandpa Binggeli and James' aunt and uncle, Ina and Rex.  

The kids and I went to the Spartan Station open house.  They had a blast and didn't want to leave.  

We went to the zoo!  The baby elephant was playing in the water.  The kids were well-behaved. We ate our favorite mac and cheese in the Beastro.

 . . . . Until next summer!

Jeremy tatoos

Sometimes after a good day, we make bad choices. We went to a wedding, I mowed the lawn, I got the kids bathed and to bed, James came home from work, and then I made the bad choice.  I went to Wal-Mart.  For a late night visit it was surprisingly not that crowded. However, it was bad because I had to dodge our old renter most of the visit. I had no interest in making small talk with a loser guy who owes us money.

We had milk and enough food to get us through tomorrow, but I needed to go stock up for "Gluten Free" week.  I bought corn tortillas and corn bread and I guess we'll be eating some rice this week.  I also found a gluten free cracker to take to school for lunch.  

Since I was at Wal-mart, I also browsed the kids clothing sections.  I got Jack a cute long sleeve shirt and a long pair of pants just in case he needs them soon (I have a few similar items in his stash of clothes, I think, but not many).  It was only 58 degrees on my way home from the store, after all.  I could not find a single pair of pants for Molly-wog in the girls section at Wal-mart that I liked.  There were few to choose from.  I either found over-priced non-adjustable waist bedazzled jeans or leggings with fake leather inserts down the side.  I think she still has a couple of long pants from last year, but I need to go through her stash, too and see what's there.  Needless to say, she didn't get anything tonight.  

The wait at the check-out was not as miserable as it has been before on Saturday late nights, but the lady in front of me did have a post-it note with price match prices written on it (I guess you don't even have to bring in the ad and they do it).  She and the cashier had to adjust the price on nearly every item in her cart.  He even had to get his phone calculator out to give her the right price for the watermelon because it was on sale for less money per pound at Reams.
I should have just gone to Reams Why do I never learn?