23 November 2013

Busy Saturday

*dropped off car for transmission fluid change
*dunkin donuts across the street for breakfast
*molly, mom, grandma, Elliott, Wyatt go to cousin jacey's performance of the Nutcracker
*lunch at South Ogden McDonalds
*back home to dad and jack
*pick up car
*utah basketball game
*stop at trader Joe' s
*back home to do everything else we need to do for the day

20 November 2013

Dancing woes

Molly has been taking dance lessons since September. She started out Ok and then turned into a stinker and stopped participating one week. When I asked the teacher about it, she said, "yes, she's been like that the last few weeks." Great!  Thanks for telling me.

After a class with mom being allowed to come in and help her participate, some good talking to, practicing at home all week, and the offer of a slurpee as a reward for weeks when she is good, she has been great! . . . that is until "parent observation week."

This past Monday was that class. Oh my goodness she was a stinker and I was ready to kill her.

I didn't have a choice but to take Jack with us (like we do every week) and he was definitely the cutest dancer in the group. There was no chance of trying to get him to stay on my lap and he really didn't interfere. I don't think that is the reason Molly was acting up. She hardly noticed him. I think it wad just because of me. She wouldn't do what she was supposed to, kept fake slipping on the ground, and of course, she cried. At one point I did march her out and yelled at her in the bathroom . . . but that didn't work. I wanted to just leave and maybe kill her, but I had to stick it out for a costume try-on and parent meeting. It was just about the I-am-the-worst-parent-ever experience to date.

She was just a stinker. She obviously got no slurpee this week and spent some quality time in time out once we got home. She the proceeded to scream and yell for a good portion of the night.

The last 2 days since then . . . She has been an angel. Go figure.

Her winter recital is on December 14th at 2:15 at Taylorsville high school. Let's hope we don't have a repeat performance of this week.