16 October 2016

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

As part of a behavior modification experiment, Molly and Jack earned a fish.  It took all summer to earn enough stickers on the fish chart, but they finally did it.  They each picked a beta fish and we are now pet owners.  

Molly names hers "Princess Sparkle" and Jack named his "James."  

Before the week was up, Princess Sparkle died.  Molly had a rough morning when we found her floating at the top of the fish bowl.  She thought that since her fish died she would have to earn her stickers all over again.  Luckily, that wasn't the case.  Pet Smart has a 2 week guarantee on beta fish.  Molly was able to pick a new fish and this one she named "Princess Bella."

The next installment in the pet saga was that James kept jumping the gate to get to Bella.  We couldn't figure out how he did it, but he did it at least 3 times.  He was totally freaking her out and the last thing we wanted was mating betas.  We finally figured that if we kept the water level below a certain height, he couldn't get to her an things were fine. 

And thus . . . the fish live one.  They even survived a babysitter during our trip to Disneyland.

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